kamira istorie
Kamira was the answer to a question that the inventor put to himself after having binned numerous electric machines, the question went “but why isn’t it possible to make a good coffee on the stove at home?” Consumerism spread and the diffusion of polluting and costly capsules and pods was persistent. “Thinking about it now, in retrospect it was real madness” he says “it was a sector in the hands of giants that had experts, technicians, chemists, laboratories and large amounts of capital at their disposal”.

Yet there was something new in that question that had not yet received an answer from the great industry that, projected in the hyper technological era, had ignored to consider that the simplest things are the best and last longer.

Nino Santoro wanted to answer that question, having a diploma as expert in mechanics and a passionate explorer of every observable phenomenon, he began experimenting with the “presumption” that coffee had to be creamy, quick and cheap, and that the life of the coffee maker had to be very long. It was necessary therefore that the oils contained in the powder should not be burned by the high temperature as occurs in the moka pot and the coffee maker that had to be made ​​of stainless steel material that heats up fast It was also necessary that the powder used had to be inexpensive, such as that of the moka pot, finally inside the coffee maker there should not be valves, springs, seals because they would have failed quickly.

At home he had some stainless steel moka pots, nice to look at in the cabinet but they didn’t get on with coffee. He cut them in half and modified them in a way that water went through the powder with the force of gravity like at the bar and then he inserted a system to avoid that the water reached the coffee a little hot or too hot.

It was a good start but the results, even though encouraging, didn’t have the features of “maximum obtainable” which Nino Santoro aspired. “My father was an extremely patient man, he followed every step of the evolution, so much that I made my homemade workshop on his terrace, but every time there was a setback he walked nervously away muttering about the tenacity that kept me from throwing away all of this. He however was my first fan ad was very happy and proud”.

It was about balance, adjust and control several parameters, among which the temperature, pressure, volume and others known only to him, essential factors to obtain the desired result. One memorable day (many months had passed since the beginning of the experiment) a light lit, a striking intuition generated in less than a minute and was born what today is called the “Kamira System”, a simple solution, not subject to wear and tear, that guarantees stable conditions for the ideal extraction of the fat content in the coffee powder. Today Kamira is within the reach of everyone, it can last as long as a pot and on the stove at home it produces excellent coffee that is cheap. We can say that Nino Santoro’s question got the right answer.